• Yulia Vlasova Homelessness

    One of the last notes by Yulia Vlasova. Yulia Valerievna (03/16/1968-07/12/2021) - clinical psychologist, analytical psychologist, psychodramatist, talented writer. This note could have turned into an excellent article, but unfortunately, Yulia didn’t have time. Many thanks to Oksana Chikina for the material provided.
  • Narcissus. Article by Murray Stein

    Narcissus. Article by Murray Stein.

    Murray Stein, Ph.D., ISAP/IAAP member. Lecturer, analyst, supervisor of the International School of Analytical Psychology ISAP-Zurich. He was President of the IAAP from 2002 to 2004 and President of the ISAP-Zurich from 2008 to 2012. Author of books on analytical psychology.

    Translation by Evgeny Ermakov.

    Murray Stein donated this book to CIM and allowed articles to be published from it. We were preparing this translation for the collection "The Initiation of the Analytical Psychologist. The Transmission of Tradition", but did not have time to publish it. The article was published in the second volume of the collected works of Murray Stein "Myth and Psychology" by the Cogito publishing house. Our translation has remained on its own. Therefore, with great gratitude to the author and translator, we decided to publish this article on our websites and social networks. Useful reading!

  • K.G. Jung family constellation

    The article by K. G. Jung “Family Constellation”, translated by Elena Kruglyakova, was published in the second volume of the collected works. This volume collects Jung's writings that reflect on experimental research based on the word association test. The volume covers the period of research from 1904 to 1911.

    The article was written in 1909 and contains some of Jung's ideas about the influence of the family on the development of the individual. In it one can see the beginnings of the psychology of object relations, transgenerational transmission, constellations, and, I think, much more, which today are independent directions. Separately, I want to highlight the ideas about the influence of a couple on each other, that is, the idea that not only parents influence children, but also the development of a husband and wife within a married couple. Moreover, this article is a reflection on the results of associative experiments, that is, Jung reflects based on numbers and graphs, but in his reflections, in fact, describes the elements of the emotional field of the family, or, as we can say today, the elements of the family unconscious.

    The word constellation - Latin e constellatio literally means " constellation " ( con- "together" + stella "star"), in analytical psychology they usually talk about the constellation of the complex.