About me

Hello. My name is Olga Vladimirovna Kondratova.

I am a Jungian analyst, which means that my work is based on the theory of analytical psychology of K.G. Cabin boy.

I don't do short-term therapy, I don't "solve problems" in a few meetings. From experience and common sense I know that those changes that come quickly, just as quickly go away. In order for them to become stable, it takes at least two years of work, with analytical meetings every week.

The human psyche lives in certain long-term rhythms of 20–30–40–50 years. The inner world strives for constancy, and therefore everything that can be quickly changed will be restored to its former form just as quickly - this is how psychological defenses work. Everything that is familiar, habitual, stable, as a rule, is safe.

And at the same time, we strive for change, we want to become different, or life itself has set a task for us - change! And then a person becomes ready to go far inside himself, to find out who he is, what opportunities have been used, and which ones are waiting in the wings.

It is very difficult to make such a journey on your own, you definitely need a companion and a guide. We choose different paths, someone comes into analysis. After all, this is the main task of the psychoanalyst - to serve as a guide in this long, sometimes painful, journey into the depths of oneself.

When you are engaged in deep mental processes, then the passage of a personal analysis is inevitable and necessary. Over time, it becomes a habit, the skill of working with oneself is developed.

Analytical psychology provides a variety of forms of work: it can be meditation, work with active imagination, images, symbols, dreams - fantastic journeys into your inner world.

My travels begin with the appearance of a flying Snowy Owl before my inner gaze. And now - the White Bird and I - invite you on a journey to the territory of this site. We hope you find something you need here.


Basic education:

1995 - 2000 Institute of Psychology and Sociology, Moscow, Zelenograd

Yaroslavl State University P. G. Demidova, Faculty of Psychology, Department of Labor Psychology; psychologist, teacher of psychology

Specialization - Jungian psychotherapist:

1999 Moscow Medical Academy. I. M. Sechenova, specialization "Medical and forensic psychology"

2001 "Group therapy", hands. T. Koloshina, Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

2002 - 2004 "Jungian Therapy" E. Purtova, Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy

2003 - 2005 "Theory and practice of child psychoanalysis", hands. A. Skavitina, Institute of Analytical Psychology

2007 - 2012 IAAP supervisory program router in Moscow

since 2013 member of ROAP, IAAP


1999 - 2003 – Psychoneurological dispensary No. 22 in Moscow – medical psychologist

2003 to present:

  • Private psychotherapeutic practice

  • MAAP teacher

  • Author of a cycle of seminars "Living the mythological in psychotherapy", a series of seminars on fairy tales

  • Author of the Literary Club project

  • Trainer at the Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy.