Where spirits play with the wind

Where spirits play with the wind

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"Where the Spirits Play with the Wind" by Felicitas Goodman

In Russia you can buy this book in the online store of the Institute of Trans-Oriented Therapy named after. F. Goodman.

The book “Where the Spirits Play with the Wind” describes the events that led anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman to the discovery of the method of ecstatic trance and ritual trance poses, carefully leading us to the expansion of consciousness, deep knowledge of ourselves and the amazing multifaceted world.

The ancient rituals for entering trance, discovered by the author, enable each of us to journey into the world of spirits in search of wisdom and truth. For readers who wish to discover the sacred meaning of ancient myths and rituals, Dr. Goodman includes a practical guide to achieving ecstatic experiences.

“Dr. Goodman called trance poses “ritual instructions” that can open doors to the spirit world, and she explicitly stated that the trance we enter with their help is healing.

By taking as her starting point these ancient body postures, which are amazingly repeated across the world's disparate cultures, and combining their performance with the rhythmic stimulation found in traditional shamanic societies, she has developed a simple and effective ritual that leads to altered states of consciousness, healing and transformation.

Being a universal human heritage, the practice of ritual trance poses is surprisingly suitable for modern people, leaving us the right to remain who we are in our cultures and communities, carefully leading to the expansion of consciousness, knowledge of ourselves and the subtle world,” Elena Ratnichkina, head of the Institute trans-oriented psychology named after. F. Goodman.

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