Flight of the Shaman

Flight of the Shaman

Нана Наувальд
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“Flight of the Shaman”, Nana Nauwald.

In Russia you can buy this book in the online store of the Institute of Trans-Oriented Therapy.

In the publishing house ITOP im. Felicitas Goodman published the book “Flight of the Shaman”. This is a collection of tales by the German writer, artist, researcher of ancient shamanic cultures, Nana Nauwald.

It took more than 20 years to find and process the stories included in the book. The book is illustrated by Russian artist Dina Makarenko.

The book is divided into chapters “On the first shamans”, “On secret knowledge”, “On traveling through the worlds”, “On death and initiation”, “On healing”, “On the World Tree”, “On the connection between man and animal”, “About fire and wind”, “About transformation and change of appearance”, “About a magic rattle and a shaman’s tambourine”.

In the foreword, Nana writes, "This book is created from the colorful spirit of a community of people who live and teach the principles of the 'old wise life': everything has a spirit, and we humans are part of the spirit of the first creation, associated with every manifestation of life."

This wisdom of our ancestors, humans, plants and animals, still fuels the shamanic ritual work that Nana leads in her workshops.

She addresses us: “I wish you, dear reader, to enjoy shamanic tales from all over the world, so that they touch you, inspire and strengthen your joy as a unique and important part of universal life!”

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