Journal "Jungian Analysis" №2-2022

Journal "Jungian Analysis" №2-2022

Журнал "Юнгианский анализ"
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Journal "Jungian Analysis" No. 2-2022 “Relationships”

In Russia you can buy this magazine in the online store of the publishing house "Fairy Tale and Myth ".

From the editor:

We have long focused on images of psychic destruction and now turn to the fundamental foundations of analytical psychology. Our interest is focused on the figure of Carl Gustav Jung - and the significant relationships for him in which analytical psychology developed. We will see Jung through the eyes of Sigmund Freud in the dramatic story of their correspondence, carefully analyzed by Bernard Sartorius. We will feel how Jung, “sick with archetypes,” converted patients “to his faith” - from the written reports of the patients themselves, which Sonu Shamdasani collected. And we will feel what a careful and loving cocoon Olga Fröbe-Kaptein created for the germination of Jung’s ideas in Eranos - Giovanni Sorge wrote about her and her Opus Magnum just as lovingly.

Having experienced different types of love with Jung, we will better feel the value foundations of the analytical relationship and the freedoms and restrictions associated with them - as they are understood in Jungian practice. Together with Yana Kim we will look at the sacred and objective content of temenos, with Alexander Malakhov we will look into the hidden corners of counter-transferential reflections of analytical boundaries, and Henry Abramovich will remind us of the humanity that underlies the analytical relationship and gives analysts the right to independently initiate the end of therapy.

A kind of “firmware” for the articles listed above will be the work of Ann Ulanov, dedicated to marriage and including the topic of relationships in the broader context of individuation and the alchemical transformations occurring in it.

And - completely in line with the topic of analytical foundations - the appearance of a new section in our magazine on the nature of the psyche! Together with the authors of this project, we will reflect on this until the end of the year, and in this reflection we will be greeted by the work of John Mills on the development of the idea of ​​archetypes by Jung - and this is a real intellectual adventure! And the work of the creator of this project, Sergei Morgachev, is about meanings, the main substrate of the mental world, which are born in human relationships and exist thanks to them, in separation with another person.

With the hope of connecting with readers and co-creating meaning with them,



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