Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №6

Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №6

Издательство «Сказка и Миф»
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Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что стоимость доставки рассчитывается исходя из веса книг, а не их количества. Это означает, что доставка трех книг может стоить вам столько же, сколько доставка одной книги. Таким образом, покупая сразу несколько книг, вы снижаете стоимость доставки каждой книги. Здесь можно ознакомиться с тарифами на доставку.

Magazine “Fairy Tale and Myth”, No. 2 2021 (6)

In Russia you can buy this magazine in the online store of the publishing house "Fairy Tale and Myth ".

In the room:


The Firebird and the Clever Fox: Eros and Conjunction Article by Alan Drimal translated by Evgenia Ermakova
The image of the Fox in fairy tales and myths Article by Victoria Bratkova
Beyond good and evil: the reality of shadow and destructivenessArticle by Martin Sandor-Buto translated by Galina Savicheva


Maternal lineage at the cradle: matrilocality in modern Russia Article by Svetlana Adonyeva
Runes and verbal magic. Second part Article by Natalia Budur
The shaggy girl Dudar and her space. Second part Article by Zira Naurzbayeva
The method of constructing fairy tale plots: the experience of one study. Article by Maria Ivanova


Femininity in the mirror of Japanese folklore: the image of a cat in Japanese fairy tales and kaidans Article by Natalia Kiryushina
Interview with Vladimir Beletsky, one of the creators of the game “The Mooseman” Interview with Yulia Pustynnikova and Alla Tretyakova


Understanding Spiritual Cosmology and Psychology Article by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bohn, translated by Alina Kiprey
Working with the theme of death through plasticine images of the unconscious Article by Julia Serebryannikova
Queen Velora and the Musicians The Tale of Lita Lee

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