Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №3

Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №3

Издательство «Сказка и Миф»
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Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что стоимость доставки рассчитывается исходя из веса книг, а не их количества. Это означает, что доставка трех книг может стоить вам столько же, сколько доставка одной книги. Таким образом, покупая сразу несколько книг, вы снижаете стоимость доставки каждой книги. Здесь можно ознакомиться с тарифами на доставку.

Magazine “Fairy Tale and Myth”, No. 1 2020 (3)

In Russia you can buy this magazine in the online store of the publishing house "Fairy Tale and Myth ".

In the room

From the editor
Appeal to readers and authors


Wounded Healer. Conversation with Thomas Moore, Murray Stein and Russell Lockhart Interview with Robert S. Henderson translated by Evgeniya Frolova
Symbolization and healing of trauma Report by Oksana Lavrova
Jung's Image of God (Part 2) Article by Matjaž Regovec translated by Lev Marina
Symbols and Transformation – The meaning of symbols within the analytical process (part 2) Article by Paul Brutsche translated by Konstantin Vakhitov
A Pact with the Devil Article by Andy White translated by Evgeny Ermakov
What does a Jungian analyst dream when a myth comes to him? The Third as an Aspect of Anima Media Natura Article by August Zwick translated by Evgenia Kanchura


The image of a bear in an East Slavic fairy tale Article by Natalia Nikolskaya Shellir Lirian (pseudonyms: Shellir, Shuya)


Anima Mundi in the images of Leonardo da Vinci Article Lev Marina
Bluebeard on the couch. Words by Charles Perrault, images by Gustav Doré
Article by Christian Gaillard translated by Evgeny Revzin


“He is a Shaman” Preface by Lev Khegai to the book by Jorge Gonzalez “I am a Shaman”
Waiting for the kangaroo. Fairy tales in my life Article by Svetlana Brinker
“Tree of Dreams” Tradition of the Zhuruna tribe, retelling by Nana Nauwald, translated by Olga Katz

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