Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №2

Magazine "Fairy Tale and Myth" №2

Издательство «Сказка и Миф»
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Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что стоимость доставки рассчитывается исходя из веса книг, а не их количества. Это означает, что доставка трех книг может стоить вам столько же, сколько доставка одной книги. Таким образом, покупая сразу несколько книг, вы снижаете стоимость доставки каждой книги. Здесь можно ознакомиться с тарифами на доставку.

In Russia you can buy this magazine in the online store of the publishing house "Fairy Tale and Myth ".



“The Image of God in Jung” First part. Article by Matthias Rehovets translated by Marina Lev
“Symbols and Transformation - The meaning of symbols within the analytical process” First part. Article by Paul Brutsche translated by Konstantin Vakhitov
“Cancer in myths and dreams. Exploring the archetypal connection between dreams and illness” article by Russell A. Lockhart translated by Konstantin Slepak
“Using active imagination in personal exploration of the symbolic space of big cats” article by Tatyana Anisimova
“Witnesses to the truth: the experience of a hagiodramatic study of martyrdom” Article by Leonid Ogorodnov
“The Mystery of Bluebeard and the solution to the riddle” article by Alain Zhibo, translated by Elena Revzina


“The cow is the mother: the key to the plot of “Little Little Havroshechka” article by Svetlana Adonyeva
“Baba Yaga - bone leg, ancient Forest Mother from Slavic myth” article by Natalia Nikolskaya (aka Shellir Lirian, Shuya)


“A world born of love” article by Elena Revzina
“Carl Gustav Jung in Conversation with a Zen Master” article by Murray Stein translated by Evgenia Frolova
“The year 1900” article by Oksana Melnichuk


“Pilgrimage as an archetypal motif” article by Lev Khegai
“Psychological projections of the stages of alchemical work” article by Olga Gerasimova
“Traps for the mythmaker” article by Martha Ketro

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