Ecstatic trance

Ecstatic trance

Фелиситас Гудман, Нана Наувальд
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"Ecstatic Trance", Felicitas Goodman, Nana Nauwald

In Russia you can buy this book in the online store of the Institute of Trans-Oriented Therapy

This is the sixth edition of the book, the fruit of a joint collaboration between the famous doctor-anthropologist Felicitas Goodman and the researcher of shamanic worlds, artist Nana Nauwald.

From the book you will learn how, using the ancient method of experiencing other realities - ecstatic trance - you can heal and travel to the true part of yourself.

The book "Ecstatic Trance" is a fascinating and visual practical guide with the latest additions for explorers of other worlds of various levels of training.

In this book you will find:

  • scientific description of ecstatic trance,
  • a short excursion into ancient cultures,
  • 68 ritual poses with photographs and detailed instructions for implementation,
  • the latest discoveries in the field of spiritual archaeology.

"The re-release of the book “Ecstatic Trance” in Russian is a long-awaited project for many people who study the method of Dr. Felicitas Goodman in Russia. We hope that this practical guide to entering the healing state of trance will open the doors for you to your inner world and the associated with him is the abode of spirits,"

– Elena Ratnichkina, head of the Institute of Trans-Oriented Psychology named after. F. Goodman.

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