The image and its meaning

The image and its meaning

Пол Брютче
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Paul Brutsche. “The image and its meaning.”

In Russia you can buy this book in the online store of the publishing house "Fairy Tale and Myth ".

This book consists of two lectures by Paul Brutsche on drawing interpretation, art and creativity. One concerns the work of contemporary French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, and the other concerns a series of drawings of ox grazing made in Japan hundreds of years ago by Shubun. And if the first is baroque, brightly designed and colorful sculptures, then the second is a restrained and subtle depiction of the Zen Buddhist path of enlightenment, which the author compares with the stages of individuation. The book helps psychological immersion into the symbolic dimension of painting, where a modern artist and a master of the old painting tradition speak to us in a surprisingly fresh and vivid language of images.

The book is equipped with color illustrations - photographs of the works discussed in lectures

Paul Brutsche - Jungian analyst, Switzerland. He was director of the art archive of the C. G. Jung Institute. He teaches at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP) in Switzerland and other countries.

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