Collection "Initiation of an analytical psychologist. Transfer of Tradition"

Collection "Initiation of an analytical psychologist. Transfer of Tradition"

Издательство «Сказка и Миф»
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From the compiler:
In the spring of 2019, the publishing house “Fairy Tale and Myth” began a project to conduct a series of seminars under the general title “Initiation of the Analyst. Transfer of experience." We invited senior colleagues - Jungian analysts, teachers and supervisors of the International School of Analytical Psychology ISAP-Zurich. A total of six meetings were planned: we were waiting for Paul Brutsche, Bernard Sartorius, Jonah Hill, Murray Stein, Christa Robinson and Natalia Baratoff. The course included lectures and supervision aimed at exposing participants to the tradition of analytical psychology with its classical spirit and play with symbols.
Paul Brutsche was the first to arrive in Moscow. On September 13–14, 2019, he conducted an amazing seminar “Symbols and Transformation. The meaning of symbols in the analytical process. Analytical interpretation of the figure."
Next we met Bernard Sartorius. December 7 before his lecture “Pilgrimage to Mecca. Its possible symbolic meaning in our time on a personal and collective level,” we invited participants to visit the mosque, and on December 8 a group discussion took place discussing the lecture and the symbolic meaning of Islamic art and architecture.
Next we waited for Murray Stein. But, unfortunately, he was unable to fly - the coronavirus pandemic began. The face-to-face meeting never took place. But we moved to the online space, and as a result there were two Stein seminars instead of one. On March 13–14, 2020, the “Wounded Healer” workshop was held, and on October 17–18, “Hephaestus: The Pattern of Introversion.”
In September of the same 2020, two online seminars by John Hill were held: on September 26 - “Anger without Losing Courage”, and the next day - “Icons and Idols: Bringing Sacred Heritage to Life”.
Unfortunately, the seminars of Krista Robinson on working with the I Ching and Natalia Baratoff on fairy tales in the project could not be held.
Based on the results of this cycle, we decided to release a book, the goal of which was absolutely identical to the goal of the project. And only now, three years after the completion of the seminars, this became possible.
In Murray Stein's article you will read about the initiation of Carl Gustav Jung himself, which he described in detail in his “Red Book”. Bernard Sartorius talks about the development of the Jungian analyst in modern realities. John Hill in his first article shows how the soul responds to an encounter with the numinous, and in the second he combines two important practices - psychodrama and Jungian living of a fairy tale, inviting us not to choose from them, but to combine both. Paul Brutsche continues the conversation about the creative power of the soul in the images of Jung's "Red Book". We are very pleased that in this collection you have the opportunity to come into contact with the work of Christa Robinson - her article on working with the support of the I Ching is piercingly frank.
We have also added to the collection “An Introduction to the Book of Changes” by Rudolf Ritsem and Chantena Augusto Sabbadini - the result of half a century of work by the Eranos research center, founded in 1933 in Switzerland by Olga Fröbe-Kaptein (1881–1962) with the help of Carl Gustav Jung, which had a decisive influence on the activities of Eranos at the initial stage. The I Ching of Eranos takes a unique approach to the Book of Changes, examining it from the perspective of synchronicity rather than the ability to predict the future.
In addition, we invited our Russian colleagues - Elena Purtova, Vsevolod Kalinenko and Yulia Kazakevich - to share their experience of their first meetings with living Masters of Jung’s analytical tradition, to talk about their choices and preferences in work. It is a pity that Natalya Baratoff did not find the opportunity to take part in this part of our project.
In conclusion, I want to share my own experience with the book. It was 1994. I still didn’t understand “what I want to be when I grow up.” By the will of fate, I was brought to preparatory courses at the Institute of Psychology and Sociology. I was “serving” courses in general psychology, and I was desperately bored; I couldn’t discover much meaning in all of this. In order to at least interest myself in something, I bought my first book on psychology at a garage sale - it was a dictionary. I won’t say that it helped me much, but it did give me something. And then I bought the second book - “Metamorphoses and Symbols of the Libido” by Jung - without really thinking about what kind of book it was. And it was love at first word! I started reading and realized: I’m home. It turned out that everything that was important to me, what I lived and breathed - myths, feelings, imagination and much, much more - could well be in my professional life. So I was drawn into the whirlpool of initiation into analytical psychology, and meaning began to emerge for me.
I wish you, dear readers, a fascinating journey with the Masters of Analytical Psychology. Perhaps some of you, reading this collection, will be able to feel at home, hear the words of Jung, and find your way.
Olga Kondratova
May 30, 2023, Ljubljana

Book's contents:
From the compiler.
Bernard Sartorius. Initiation into the analytical profession.
Murray Stein. Jung's "Red Book" as a new link
in Aurea catena.
Elena Purtova. Transmission of tradition: between training
and teaching.
John Hill. Icons and idols: revival of the sacred
Yulia Kazakevich. Initiation into the profession. Wounded
healers. Healed by the wound.
Paul Brutsche. Creative Power of the Soul: Central
evidence from Jung's Red Book.
Vsevolod Kalinenko. About the Jung Institute program
in Moscow (1998–2000).
John Hill. Fairy tale drama: acting out the rituals of the game,
laughter and tears.
Christa Robinson. Cultural trauma and the I Ching.
Rudolf Ritsema, Chantena Augusto Sabbadini. Introduction
in the "Book of Changes".
About the authors.

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