Course "Hypotheses of the first meetings"

Practice-supervisory course "Hypotheses of the first meetings"

Supervision of the first meetings.

Thinking about the first contact with clients - the first call, the first letter, the first impression, the first session, the first dream in therapy. We put forward hypotheses, think about the prospects, etc.

Practical course, closed online group of 6-10 people, the number of meetings depends on the number of participants.

Approximately 10-16 meetings.

!Note! Closed group means paid passes.

I recommend it to analytical psychologists who are in the process of becoming a practice, but, of course, I will also be glad to those who have already been working for a number of years. Please note that these are supervisions, so you will need to prepare cases, that is, you must have them. A personal analysis is required.

The purpose of the course: to learn to hear what a person says, to see what the body and facial expressions say.
In training, we often train the skill of searching for the context of messages, but, as if, we are losing the literal meanings.
That's what we'll talk about at our meetings.

The group is closed. The next course will take place tentatively in autumn 2024.

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