Seminar Penelope

Delving into the myth, we will explore the territory of our inner Warrior, remembering who we are and what is our personal power, or, as shamans call it, “personal magic”. The Manifested Warrior shows reverence and respect for all that surrounds him, uses the right interaction, defines boundaries and limitations, bears responsibility and adheres to strict discipline, demonstrating the correct use of force.


Olga Kondratova – analytical psychologist, member of the IAAP, ROAP

Ratnichkina Elena - psychologist, practitioner and researcher of shamanism; head of the Institute Felicitas Goodman (Russia), studying the practice of ritual trance positions |
Information about the seminar

These are seminars for women. And men who are ready to invite their Anima to seminars.

We need to bring a small object with us (it can be a feather, a small stone, a crystal or an ornament), which will represent for us this journey to ourselves. We will put it in the center of the circle and pick it up at the end of the journey.

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