Seminar Medea

Summer seminar “Medea” from the cycle “Shamanic circle of myths”


Last night when I was sleeping
I dreamed it - wonderful dreams! -
What is here, in my heart, is a hive.
And the golden bees make white honeycombs
And sweet honey from my old mistakes.

Antonio Machado, Seasons of Solitude

We will live the space of the myth about Medea, filling it with our thoughts, feelings, associations, holding on one of the levels the metaphor about Medea as the leading function of the feeling of matriarchal consciousness.

Matriarchal or lunar consciousness is at the beginning of the development of human consciousness. In the modern world, much attention and effort is paid to the development of patriarchal consciousness, in particular, its heroic part. We invite you to the territory of the matriarchal consciousness, because in the process of individuation, “... the patriarchal solar consciousness is reunited with what preceded it and together with the regenerating power of the primary waters of the matriarchal consciousness - closer to the primary matrix and its central symbol the moon - rises from the depths to to celebrate the most ancient ritual of the hierogamy of the moon and the sun on a new, higher level of the human psyche” (Erich Neumann).

Mental function – Feeling

Shamanic Archetype – Healer

We will heal our wounds using the four universal remedies: storytelling, singing, dancing, and silence. In addition, we will work with healing trance poses. Shamanic communities believe that if we stop singing, dancing, no longer engaging in storytelling, or feel uncomfortable when we are silent, we experience soul loss. The talented Healer revives the soul, restoring the ability to wonder, hope and feel awe.

To be a Healer means to wander throughout your life in search of your integrity.
To be a Healer is to resurrect in memory what has been forgotten: the connection, unity and interdependence of all things, living and inanimate.
Being a Healer means accepting even the most terrible and frightening things.
To be a Healer is to open the closed, to soften the hard and hardened - that which has turned into a barrier.
To be a Healer means to enter into the transcendent, into timelessness, where the Divine dwells.
Healing is creativity, passion and love.
Healing is the search and expression of one's Self in its entirety, with its light and shadow, male and female. To be a Healer means to rely on Life.

Zhanna Achterberg, “Woman Healer”


Olga Kondratova – analytical psychologist, member of the IAAP, ROAP

Ratnichkina Elena – psychologist, practitioner and researcher of shamanism; head of the Institute Felicitas Goodman (Russia), studying the practice of ritual trance positions |

Information about the seminar

This is a seminar for women and men who are ready to invite their Anima with them.

It is necessary to bring a small object with you, which will represent for us this journey to ourselves. It could be a feather, a small stone, a crystal or jewelry. We will put it in the center of the circle and pick it up at the end of the journey.

Dates, times, venue, cost and registration for the seminar

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