Course "Reflection of stages of development"

Curriculum "Reflection of the stages of human development in the individual development of each of us."

Myths are the dreams of mankind

This is an updated seminar program that I have been running since 2007. It used to be called Living the Mythological in Psychotherapy.

The program is a cycle of four two-day seminars. There are intervals of two or three months between seminars. The group is closed and meets once a year.

Program goals:

  • theoretical - the study and understanding of the theory of Erich Neumann on the origin and development of individual consciousness;
  • practical - immersion in the mythological space for sensual contact with the archetypal motives of each member of the group;
  • breaks - to live through the experience gained, learn to see connections, reflections of mythological motifs in everyday events, and develop introspection.

In the process of work, we constantly keep our attention focused in two planes - I am an individual person and I am an extension of many.

I seminar – Primordial time

  • Myth and fairy tale.
  • The logic of the myth. Laws of the miraculous.
  • Illo tempore - time it, the original time, the time of dreams.
  • The origin and development of consciousness - the theory of E. Neumann: Stage I. Creation myth: Ouroboros - the Great Mother - the separation of the progenitors of the world.
  • What we do: we work with myths, with dreams, we do a meditative exercise, we draw, we build a group mandala.

Seminar II - Pain and loneliness of the Hero

  • The Theory of Erich Neumann: Stage II . Hero myth: Birth of a Hero - Murder of the Mother - Murder of the Father.
  • Depression is rotting: stopping of external and overactivity of internal processes.
  • Search for form.
  • What we do: we work with myths, watch cartoons, fill the alchemical pictures of Pretiosa margarita novella with our own associations.

Seminar III - The Life of Hercules

  • Practical seminar. Filling mythological plots with personal experience.
  • We don’t talk about feats - usually there is not enough time.

My article - "The Space Between the Worlds" , was published in the collection of the Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology "Deep Psychology and Mythology" for 2011.

Seminar IV - Return

  • The Theory of Erich Neumann: Stage III . Transformation Myth: Captive and Treasure - Transformation or Osiris.
  • maturity and responsibility.
  • Collective and individual.
  • What we do: we work with a fairy tale, with excerpts from Egyptian hymns, draw, make a collage.

Perhaps there will be another one-day additional workshop - Stages of Women's Development .

When constructing the seminars, I relied on the ideas of Erich Neumann, Mircea Eliade, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Kerenyi, Yakov Golosovker, N. Afanasiev, Mikhail Evzlin, James Hollis, Marie-Louise von Franz, Yolanda Jacobi and others.

I reserve the right to make changes to the sequence of material offered within the seminars.


The program in Moscow is closed. Possibly held in other cities. You can apply for participation or organization by writing me a letter .

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