Seminar Cassandra

Spring seminar “Cassandra” from the series “Shamanic circle of myths”


I'm not a fortune teller, I'm not a fortune teller.
I won't take off the evil eye.
Even if I feel sorry for you -
As I say, it will be so.

Some are waving a censer, some are waving a sword
You are considered a soldier by God.
I am considered by God to be an interpreter...
In life, everyone is given their own path.

Victoria Roche, Cassandra

We will live the space of the myth about Cassandra, filling it with our thoughts, feelings, associations, holding on one of the levels the metaphor about Cassandra as the leading function of intuition of matriarchal consciousness.

The matriarchal or lunar consciousness is at the beginning of the development of human consciousness. In the modern world, much attention and effort is paid to the development of patriarchal consciousness, in particular, its heroic part. We invite you to the territory of the matriarchal consciousness, because in the process of individuation, “... the patriarchal solar consciousness is reunited with what preceded it and together with the regenerating power of the primary waters of the matriarchal consciousness - closer to the primary matrix and its central symbol the moon - rises from the depths to to celebrate the most ancient ritual of the hierogamy of the moon and the sun on a new, higher level of the human psyche” (Erich Neumann).

Mental function – Intuition

“At the table I sat opposite a bearded middle-aged man, who was introduced to me as a lawyer, we had a lively conversation about criminal psychology. To answer a specific question, I gave an invented story as an example. Suddenly my interlocutor’s face changed, and silence reigned at the table. I fell silent in confusion. Thank God, dessert was served, so I soon got up and went out into the hall, where, huddled in a corner with a cigar, I tried to comprehend what had happened. At that moment, one of my neighbors at the table came up to me and said reproachfully: “How could you discredit a person like that?” - “Discredit?!” With what?" - “Well, the story you told...” - “But I just made it up - from beginning to end!”

Imagine my amazement when it turned out that I told the true story of my counterpart in all details. And at that moment I discovered with horror that I could not remember a single word of it - and to this day I have not succeeded. One of the German psychologists in his autobiography describes a similar case: once at an inn, he convicted a young man unknown to him of stealing, because he saw it with his inner vision.

I can cite a lot of cases from my life when I suddenly became aware of something that I could in no way know. This knowledge came to me as my own idea. The same thing happened to my mother. She didn’t understand what she was saying, but a certain absolute authoritarianism appeared in her voice, and she said exactly what the situation required.”

Carl Gustav Jung, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”

Shamanic archetype – Seer

“The Seer archetype is an unrelenting force within us, urging us to be who we really are, demanding to manifest and express our true essence, vision and creativity.

In some Native American cultures, the term "Sacred Circle" is synonymous with true essence and refers to the realm of human spirituality. These peoples say that when a person is himself, he is in the “Sacred Circle”, and when he returns to the true essence, “sits in the center of the Sacred Circle”.

The Way of the Seer is to speak the truth without blaming or condemning, and thus maintain one's true self and remain at the center of the Sacred Circle."

Angeles Herrien, “The Way of the Four Roads”

“You need to know what you want to achieve. If you know, let it take over you. And if it seems that you have lost your way, do not turn back - perhaps you will find yourself where you subconsciously wanted to be. And if you go back and try to stay where you were before, it will be a boring path.”

Gertrude Stein

We extend respect to our own vision when we give voice to what we see and feel. The Seer archetype encourages you to bring voice and creativity into the world. Weaving the path of the Seer into the fabric of our lives, we will immerse ourselves in myth, work with the sound of noisemakers and tambourines, and make a "journey in the spirit" through the practice of ritual trance postures.


Olga Kondratova – analytical psychologist, member of the IAAP, ROAP

Ratnichkina Elena – psychologist, practitioner and researcher of shamanism; Head of the Felicitas Goodman Institute (Russia), studying the practice of ritual trance poses

Information about the seminar

These are seminars for women. And men who are ready to invite their Anima to the seminars.

It is necessary to bring a small object with you, which will represent for us this journey to ourselves. It could be a feather, a small stone, a crystal or jewelry. We will put it in the center of the circle and pick it up at the end of the journey.

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