Seminar Atalanta

Autumn seminar “Atalanta” from the cycle “Shamanic Circle of Myths”


God writes through us, and although we are
far from perfect tools,
He writes wonderfully... He descends to
create with our help.
Isn't this amazing?

Mother Teresa

We will live the space of the myth about Atalanta, filling it with our thoughts, feelings, associations, at one of the levels holding the metaphor about Atalanta as the leading function of the Sensation of matriarchal consciousness.

Matriarchal or lunar consciousness is at the beginning of the development of human consciousness. In the modern world, much attention and effort is given to the development of patriarchal consciousness, in particular, its heroic part. We invite you to the territory of matriarchal consciousness, because in the process of individuation, “... the patriarchal solar consciousness is reunited with what preceded it and, together with the regenerating power of the primary waters of matriarchal consciousness - closer to the primary matrix and its central symbol, the moon - rises from the depths to to celebrate the ancient ritual of hierogamy of the moon and the sun on a new, higher level of the human psyche” (Erich Neumann).

Mental function – Sensation

Sensation surpasses other functions in the desire to focus on reality - objective (extroverted) or subjective (introverted). The result is a powerful connection with the world. Extroverted types easily read maps and simply find their way in an unfamiliar city; their homes are neat and neatly furnished; they do not forget about appointments and are always punctual; don't lose keys; consciously adhere to fashion in clothing; They love parties and active sports.

The introverted feeling type resembles a photographic plate. Physical sensitivity to objects and other people includes every little shadow and detail: how they look, how they feel, their taste and smell, the sounds they make.

In the case of extraverted sensation, the emphasis is on the realistic reflection of the object; in the case of introverted sensation, the emphasis is on the correct transfer of the impression made by the object on the subject.

Shamanic archetype – Teacher

“True mastery can only be achieved by allowing all things to follow their own path. Intervention cannot achieve it.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The Path of the Teacher is the path of attaining wisdom. The teacher has wisdom, teaches trust and understands the need for non-attachment.

According to shamanic traditions, a person gains wisdom if he learns to trust and remain calm while in uncertainty. Africans say that the state of uncertainty is “a journey through the land of gray clouds.” It can be difficult for us to wait and give up control and let things take their course.

We learn non-attachment through loss. Any loss is an experience of humility that teaches us to accept and let go. Shamanic communities recognize that ritual helps cope with losses. The word "ritual" means "to combine, to correspond." It is like words like craftsmanship, pattern, art - anything that brings related things together to create order. Ritual is the conscious acceptance of a change in life, a sign of respect and support for the change through such elements as the presence of witnesses, the bringing of gifts, ceremony and solemnity of the situation. In this way we open the way for a “new correspondence of things.”

Working with the Master Archetype, we learn to trust and let go, call on ancestral spirits to support us, create personal rituals to cope with losses, and pay attention to the shadow sides of the Master such as rigidity, confusion, judgment and control. We learn to act only when there is clarity within and remain silent to hear the voice of our own wisdom.

The Earth is the heart of the Universe,
Home is the heart of the Earth,
Family is the heart of the home
The person is the heart of the family.

Basque song


Olga Kondratova – analytical psychologist, member of the IAAP, ROAP

Ratnichkina Elena – psychologist, practitioner and researcher of shamanism; head of the Felicitas Goodman Institute (Russia), studying the practice of ritual trance poses

Information about the seminar

These are seminars for women. And men who are ready to invite their Anima to the seminars.

We need to bring a small object with us (it can be a feather, a small stone, a crystal or an ornament), which will represent for us this journey to ourselves. We will put it in the center of the circle and pick it up at the end of the journey.

The dates of the autumn seminar are 27 (from 19:00 to 22:00) and 28-29 (from 10:00 to 18:00) October 2017.

The cost of a three-day seminar is 20,000 rubles, including meals and accommodation at the Happy Bee eco-farm (v. Vydrino, Shakhovskoy district, Moscow region).

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